Coach Education, Meath, 2017

Coach Education, Meath, 2017

September 4, 2017

Coach Education, Meath, 2017

Below are a list of courses in Meath for the rest of 2017. All of the courses will take place in the MDL, Navan. Follow the link if you would like to book on. Thanks.

PDP1 (Kick Start 1)                           9th & 16th October (630pm-930pm both nights) €45

PDP 2 (Kick Start 2)                          2nd & 3rd December (930am-5pm both days) €75

4 V 4 Workshop                                23rd  October (630pm-930pm) €25

7 V 7 Workshop                                11th December (630pm-930pm) €25

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